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So, a group of teenagers, hundreds of boys aged from South Delhi are objectifying women, sharing pictures of girls their age, casually talking about gang-raping them, and passing disrespectful comments. Next Story. These boys are okay with objectifying girls, normalising the rape culture, and leaking nude images of girls their age. After these screenshots went viral on the net, a lot of netizens came in support of these school-going boys and said it is common and there are millions of such groups on social media.

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Clearly, is not the year for us! Sexual violence, rape culture, sexual images are all around us for years now but where did it all start? They also feel they have the power to shut their mouths by raping them if they get exposed. We hardly have any conversations around gender sensitivity and this has brought us here where even teenage boys feel its normal to talk about gang-rapingsharing nude pictures as jokes. Read Now.

Search Subscribe Share. Also, there are people saying they are kids, and its okay. Such people should be equally blamed. Let's be honest, it is all disgusting to read the leaked screenshots from these group chats but hasn't surprised us at all.

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These teenagers feel they can do so because it is a patriarchal society, they can glorify rape and then get away with it because girls will anyway be victim shamed. High time we start talking about right and wrong, change in the cultural norm, and let boys know that they just can't do anything because they are boys.

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A lot of parents don't communicate with their sons thinking they will grow up but will it make a difference if they grow up feeling their opinions are correct? People Backing The Young Boys After these screenshots went viral on the net, a lot of netizens came in support of these school-going boys and said it is common and there are millions of such groups on social media. Why do these young boys feel they have the power to talk about anything, be it gangraping girls or morphing their images?

Where did it all start?

These girls should be personally attacked seeing these screenshots otherwise they are equally responsible for normalising things like objectification and using rape for revenge. If you have read enough comments on social media on these posts then you must have understood that it is not just about sex but power too.

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It is very important for parents to educate their sons before they start believing their opinions are correct and there is nothing wrong about them. Boys should be taught that it is not okay to make a girl feel unsafe or uncomfortable, it is not okay to rape girls or objectify them. If not, let me tell you what is all about and why are people talking about it.

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Honestly, I was thinking what could be worse than the coronavirus pandemic but then these locker room chats came up! However, does that make these boys less wrong?

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When the group chats were leaked on social media, the claimed they would leak nude pictures of girls standing against them and teach them a lesson. What's shocking here is the violent attitude of these school-going boys.

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Teens are active on social media today and you never know if they are a part of such online chat rooms where boys openly perpetuate rape culture, objectify women and there is no questioning. These locker room chats are more like a wakeup call for all of us.

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This plays a major role in turning a young teen into narcissists. This is not the first time something like this is happening around us. Nirbhaya Fund Not Used Properly. That's not all!

People backing the young boys

Have you ever heard of parents teaching their boys to behave or dress a certain way? Instagram gc named boislockerroom had been made for sole purpose of sharing photos of girls, pass disgusting comments, sexualize them and even rape threats.

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Clearly, there is no fear of exposure. Why are girls expected to act and dress in a particular way? A case has been filed against these teenage boys from South Delhi. Believe me, your parents didn't raise a 'boy' if this is the kind of shit you're upto. In Indian households especially, it is rare that boys face criticism.

Police officer says girl, posing as 'siddharth' on snapchat, suggested sexual assault on herself to a male friend, just to gauge his reaction and 'character'.

Men are trash and nothing can change that narrative boislockerroom pic. Do we feel they are flawed and have accepted it or just don't feel like questioning them, their behaviour? Boys will be boys, why do we say that? Recommended Video.

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Not just parents, people around young boys should start to make them understand what positive masculinity means and why is it important to respect everyone irrespective of their gender. All the people involved in this act should be immediately arrested and a strong message needs to be given out.

These speak enough about us and where we stand as a society at the moment. DCW Chief Swati Maliwal took to social media and wrote, "DCW has issued notice to Instagram and Delhi Police in the matter of a group named "boys locker room" being used by some miscreants to share objectionable pictures of minor girls and planning illegal acts such as gangrape of minor girls. Don't Miss: No! Why are girls and boys differentiated in their homes from the very beginning?

Girlfriends of these teenage boys have also come out to support them.

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