1999 Chevrolet Silverado Owners Manual

1999 Chevrolet Silverado Owners Manual -With trucks burning up up the sales charts, all the major automakers are revamping their trucks.

While Ford significantly rounded its pick-up and Avoid endowed its Ram with a Peterbilt front end, Chevy’s new vehicle falls a more conservative path. It’s difficult to inform that there’s been any vary from the earlier C/K Series complete-size pickup.

But, looks could be deceiving. Like its GMC twin, the Chevy gets an all-new framework, new engines, an upgraded braking system. It even has new sheet metal, even though only a sales rep could tell the difference.

But what a difference. It is available in base, LS and LT trim levels, standard or extended cab, long (Fleetside) or brief (Sportside) package, rear wheel or four-tire-drive in half or three-quarter ton size.

The base 200-horsepower 4300 V6 is maintained over from the previous model. Three new V8 engines make their debut, all based on the new aluminum V8 first observed in the new Corvette. There’s the 4.8-liter V8 (255 hp 285-pound ft of torque), the 5.3-liter V8 (270 hp, 315 lb-feet of torque) and 6-liter V8 (300 hp, 355 lb-feet of torque).

1999 Chevrolet Silverado Review and Concept

The vehicle supplied by Chevrolet was a middle-level LS with the mid-level V8, the 5.3-liter, an engine most customers will choose. It had been an extended cab, with the short, Sportside bed.

The little box and shapely fenders gave the truck a trendy look it could or else lack, provided its conservative flanks. Unlike other pickups, this extended cab has three doors, not four, and the door is on the traveler side, restricting its comfort.

Energy is powerful away from the collection, but that’s as it ought to be with a big, meaty V-8. While Ford utilizes a much more modern overhead-cam engine, GM uses a more mature pushrod design. However, it still produces impressive power. Energy economy is still absolutely nothing special, but ought to arrive as a small shock.

The 4-speed automatic shifts smoothly and efficiently. It features a towing setting that decreases changing under large lots. A 5-speed manual is also unavailable. GM’s pickups are the only types to feature automatic 4-tire-drive, a system GM dubs “Autotrac.” This is not an all-wheel-drive program. The truck remains in rear-wheel-drive setting until additional grip is needed, then transfers much more capability to the front side tires. The vehicle may also be locked into four-tire-push higher or reduced modes. “Autotrac” will locking mechanism into these modes when it picks up too much wheel slippage. It’s regular on LT models, optional on LS models.

Dealing with is at the top of the package, being secure and stable, admirably so, despite having a vacant mattress. It communicates its limits to the motorist, creating for a remarkably tossable mother nature for such a big rig. It’s certainly simpler to push than its C/K predecessors.

1999 Chevrolet Silverado Interiro

The greatest improvement is in braking ability. Earlier era Chevy trucks have little front disc/rear drum brakes with a mushy brake pedal. Stopping distances are shorter this year, thanks to discs whatsoever four edges and pads and rotors that are 40 percent bigger than final year. The four-tire-anti-locking mechanism is regular.

Seat comfort is excellent, with seatbelts incorporated into the seat backside — a great touch. In the back, the folding seat has much more space than its competitors.

The interior appears much more spacious, the dash is improved, even if it lacks somewhat artistically. There are seams everywhere, financing the interior a hectic, place-together-by-figures appear. However, it seemed to have much better set up high quality than the GMC analyzed formerly. Nothing rattled, and every thing seemed stable.

The dash and doors appear sedan-like and feature the same amenities. There are two auxiliary power shops. The environment and radio regulate directly to use. The glove package is divided into compartments.

The LS Sportside extended cab begins at $25,000. Add within an auto tranny, 5.3-liter engine, port side body, 4-tire-drive, fog lamps and a couple of other facilities and the bottom line shoots up to $30,588 as tes ted. Choo sees your options carefully.

If you get the idea the Silverado has a lot of small enhancements that amount to a large a single; you’ve got the right idea. Although the interior is well made, it is still not as appealing as some competitors. What is better is the ride/handling quotient, which seems top of the pops.

With Ford marketing every pick-up it can develop, the Dodge Ram getting market share, and Toyota coming on powerful with a new complete-size pickup later this year, Chevy will require all the ammunition it may muster.

1999 Chevrolet Silverado Owners Manual

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