1992 Chevy Silverado Pickup Truck

1992 Chevy Silverado Pickup Truck – Towed to dealership 3x in initial two months, this ended up being the rear fuel water pump soil was never hooked up! It required two dealerships four attempts to body it all out.

Warped rear rotors from day 1.

Transmission died following about 15k miles. It was replaced.

The second transmission died at 90k kilometers.

Front-end alignment was terrible from the beginning.

The entrance seat (60/40) discontinued immediately discharging (to pull ahead) after a couple of several years. Now you must feel for the camera. I might have preferred a smooth lever, but another person had a “much better idea.”

1992 Chevy Silverado Review

1992 Chevy Silverado Review

An alternator has been unsuccessful at 30k, due to a been unsuccessful rear bushing.

The next alternator passed away at about 100k, with the same failure. The alternator they tried to offer me still got the identical issue, in fact, this time around! This period I bought a high-quality after-market place a single.

The circuit table that handles the windscreen wipers is produced with very second substance (the cheapest you can use) and is located on the inside of the wiper motor property. It is sweltering and also included in fat. We have exchanged it three periods now. I observed they already had not altered this design in the more recent tracks. Can they treatment?

At about 90k mls my engine began dripping essential oil. This turned out to be the absorption manifold.

The radiator was restored at about 50k mls and needed to be replaced at approximately 100k.

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The fm radio acts up from time to time, then after a seven days approximately it fixes itself…?

Let’s see, have I neglected anything!?!!

It trips and handles adequately. Superior to the Fords and Dodges I drove. Also, I love the way it searched.

It was much more heavy-duty than it’s rivalry, at the time. Mine is a heavy duty model. The structure and revocation were clearly more massive than the competitors.

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The controls are not centered on the seat! Why do believe that that is Okay?

The windscreen wipers acquire a successfully pass throughout the windscreen before the washer push engages. This grinds and smears no matter what is on the windshield across it. Why did they believe which was a great idea? The brand new ones have the same “feature.”

It seems like if you ask me that Chevy does not learn from their mistakes and does nothing to boost or appropriate recognized problems.

I am now looking for a new van, and I am not thinking of a Chevy.

1992 Chevy Silverado Repair Manual